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Age in place

There’s no need to leave your home late in life. A Truehold sale-leaseback makes it easier to live at home as an aging senior, free from financial and maintenance burdens.

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Simplify your estate

Liquidate your home equity now to take care of family members managing your estate in the future.

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Factor in care costs

The cash from your Truehold home sale can be used to cover at-home care costs and other medical expenses.

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Plan ahead

With Truehold, you can pay a lump sum of rent following the sale of your home, ensuring stability during a transition period.

“I felt confident in Truehold because they focus on the senior's needs, with real estate second. I have spoken to multiple members of the Truehold team, all who expertly answered any questions we had.”
David W
St. Louis
“I actually found so much personal agreement in what they were doing, because I really see it not just a business transaction but an investment in the community, because the seniors get to be there for the young people. I guess our cultural thing until lately has been when you get old you go over here and you get segregated. By allowing people to stay in their house the community remains whole.”
David W
St. Louis
“I enjoy thoroughly not having to be responsible to repair major maintenance.. to looking into finding people to do the work.. and a reputable person that’s honest. Cause I’m a target too often with these people. Too many old folks are taken financially in this area. I don’t like the paperwork involved in all that…That’s Truehold’s baby!”
St. Louis
“Years before all this came up, I had asked all my family if, since this is their childhood home, if they had any designs on it after I'm gone. ‘No’ was the reply all the way around. Since I have a sizable loan I didn't want to leave for them, my answer was Truehold: it really came at a good time.”
St. Louis
“No house insurance, no real estate taxes. I don’t have to worry about any major repairs or replacement on appliances, etc… I don’t want to have that over me and have to do without or to put the money out for it, and it's just taking a lot of concern and worry out of me.”
St. Louis
“I could stay in my home, and I would be a renter again. I would not be responsible for any heavy maintenance it required, nor would my daughter. It takes the pressure off of our relationship.”
St. Louis
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Frequently asked questions

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How long can I stay in my home?
Your house is yours to enjoy, provided you abide by the lease agreement. Truehold is dedicated to keeping our clients in their homes, and your advisor will be happy to assist you with financial questions.
What’s the purpose of a sale-leaseback?
When you work with Truehold, you unlock the equity of your home in cash. You can direct that cash wherever it's most needed, without restrictions. Plus, you have the contractual right to lease your home from us, so you can maintain your lifestyle without a hitch.
How does Truehold make money?
We make money the same way traditional real estate investors do—through industry-standard commissions and rent.
How long does a sale-leaseback take?
Timelines vary, but Truehold home sales can close in as little as 30 days.
Is a sale-leaseback right for me?
That depends. Our advisors carefully review each client’s unique financial situation to ensure a sale-leaseback is a feasible option. Reach out to our team to learn more and get the ball rolling.

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