Sell Your Home & Keep Living in It in Oklahoma City

It’s our mission to make it easy for residents of Oklahoma City to remain in the houses and communities they love, while unlocking equity. When you work with us, we’ll buy your home, giving you access to its value in debt-free cash. You’ll continue to live there as long as you want, paying rent that’s determined by data from your corner of Oklahoma City. Whether you’re from downtown or the surrounding suburbs, you’ll receive a competitive price for the home you still live in.

From your first click to a decade after selling, we’ve made the process as smooth as possible. No listing or waiting on a buyer—we’ll complete the sale in as little as 30 days, and your lease will begin right away. After that, we’ll cover major maintenance and repairs, as well as insurance and property taxes. With greater financial freedom and peace of mind, you’ll enjoy your home and the chance of a healthier, happier life.

Between its rich cowboy culture, delectable cuisine, and proximity to outdoor fun, Oklahoma City is a wonderful place to live. A world-class state capital with a down-home feel and affordable amenities, OKC offers diversions for sports fans, art lovers, and history buffs alike. Whether you’ve made a home in serene Crown Heights or bustling Downtown OKC, one thing is true: if you’ve worked hard to create a home here, you deserve to stay.

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Why Truehold

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Flex your financial wings

Invest in new assets and enjoy debt-free streams of cash.

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Sell without the stress

Sell your home without ever listing, waiting for a buyer, or packing a single box.

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Relinquish repairs

Avoid the financial and physical burdens of major home repairs.

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Enjoy extra benefits

Use your resident portal to find affordable local services and take advantage of special discounts at businesses nearby.

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Oklahoma City

The Oklahoma City
Sale Leaseback Process

  • We buy your house at a competitive price, unlocking your home equity.
  • You begin monthly lease payments, never listing or leaving your home.
  • We take care of major repairs, as well as property tax and insurance—relieving you of financial and physical stressors.
  • You use your new debt-free cash to better your life, take care of your health, and live free of worries about your residence.

We Have Homes in:

•  Oklahoma County
•  McClain County

Oklahoma City

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Market Manager!

April Rainey

April Rainey

Oklahoma Market Manager

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