Do you have clients who don't want to move but need to unlock their equity? 

Now you can engage with the 30% of homeowners who never plan on moving.

Adding Truehold’s Sale-Leaseback to your toolkit helps you:

  • Delight current clients who are unsure about selling with a new offering: sell your home but continue to live in it. 
  • Start attracting new clients who might not have reached out otherwise. 
  • Distinguish yourself from other brokers and brokerages who only offer to “buy, sell, or invest” in real estate. 

A partnership with Truehold allows you to generate more transactions, increase your GCI, and offer clients more tailored and creative solutions.

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Do your patients lack the necessary resources to safely transition home? 

We’re reaching clients right at their time of need, connecting them to the support and resources required to access quality at-home care and prevent readmission.

We can help your patients who:

  • need extra care and prefer to receive it in their own home
  • want to minimize physical risks at home
  • are considering downsizing or a senior living community
  • don’t want to burden their family but need support
  • require extra funds to afford private medical costs
  • are waiting for an opening in a long-term care facility
  • are dealing with debt or other financial challenges

By unlocking their financial resources and tapping into our extensive network of service providers, we’ll help your patients live easier in the comfort of their homes.

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Is it challenging to reach the customers who could most benefit from your service?

We take the burden of finding and selling off your shoulders by referring our residents directly to your services.

Resident services include: 

  • Lawn care
  • Housekeeping
  • Meal or grocery delivery
  • Transportation
  • Financial advisory
  • Care management
  • Legal support 
  • Home health care 

If you're looking to expand your clientele and lower your customer acquisition cost, get in touch today! 

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Are you helping older adults live happily in their homes and communities? 

We not only help our residents access their wealth—we also connect them to services that can help them live easier in the comfort of the place they love.

If you’re a local organization that helps:

  • Older adults
  • Family caregivers
  • The local community

We can recommend our residents to your services and be another resource on your list when looking for solutions to your clients’ challenges. 

We are also interested in supporting local, mission-aligned non-profit organizations through sponsorships, so please let us know if you have upcoming events.

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Age Tech

Are your clients facing difficulties making the move to senior living?

We know that moving from a forever home to a senior living community is a huge step—one that comes with many emotional, physical, and financial challenges.

Our Sale-Leaseback can help ease that transition for your clients, whether it’s over the course of six months or even multiple years. It’s great for your customers who:

  • Have a spouse or family member who would like to keep living at home, but need their home equity to pay for their loved one's care
  • Want to focus their time finding the right senior living community without the pressure of selling and moving out of their home
  • Decide to get care at home for a few more years before making the move to your community
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Our Mission

Helping people live happily at home for as long as they'd like as a renter.

  • We pledge to be honest, helpful, and human in everything we do.
  • If a sale-leaseback isn't in a homeowner's best interest, we try to connect them to a service that's a better fit. 
  • In our first year, we’ve already helped over 200 residents unlock their equity and live easier at home. 
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