Sell your Akron home
and stay in it, too.

Access your home's equity and secure a flexible future with our sale-leaseback.

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Sale-leasebacks in Akron

Many Akron homeowners want to stay in their cherished homes and welcoming communities, while also unlocking their home's equity. Truehold's innovative model presents a remarkable opportunity, transforming what may have been a dilemma into a flexible and stress-free future.

Our debt-free residential sale-leaseback program offers you the opportunity to tap into the hard earned equity in your cherished Ohio home, without the need to move out of it. Through our innovative model, we will purchase your property in as little as 30 days, quickly providing you with access to the cash value of your home. You will also be free from the burden of major repairs and property tax, allowing you to fully enjoy your newfound financial independence and control.

In Akron, there is an abundance of local opportunities to explore and indulge in. From the beautiful Cascade Valley Metro Park to the Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens, or even catching a show at the Akron Civic Theatre, the possibilities are endless. By taking advantage of Truehold’s Akron sale-leaseback program, you can continue to make this great city your home by renting for as long as you wish.

Why Truehold?

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Maximize your home's potential

Reside in your beloved home and access debt-free funds from its equity value.

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Find financial freedom

Use the extra cash for whatever you want, like investing in wealth-building opportunities.

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Leave the repairs
to us

No need to worry about big repairs or property taxes, we've got you covered.

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Protect your money

Say goodbye to stressing about real estate market ups and downs or potential housing bubbles.

Transaction criteria
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Home value
$90,000 ~ $350,000
2 or more
Lot size
Less than 1.5 acres
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The Akron Sale-Leaseback Process

  • We purchase your home in a straightforward process, bypassing the need for listing, showing, and packing.
  • Unlock your home's equity and you keep on renting uninterrupted, for the long or short term.
  • Use your new debt-free cash flow to invest, hire home health care, or elevate your lifestyle.
  • We handle major repairs, insurance, property taxes, and more. Your only task is to sit back and relax.
Sale-leaseback zone
We have homes in:
Portage County
Summit County

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