Sell your Pittsburgh home now
and keep living in it.

Free up your finances and live more freely with a convenient sale-leaseback.

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Sale-leasebacks in Pittsburgh

Your precious home gives you roots in a community, but as you grow older, you may be considering putting your home on the market or downsizing. However, navigating the rapidly changing Pittsburgh housing and real estate market can be quite intimidating.

What if you could sell your house and live in it​​—without the showings, inspections, stress, or packing? Regain freedom and remain at home with our versatile sale-leaseback approach. It’s simple. We pay for your property and lease it back to you. You stay where you love living with more equity, more options, and an independent financial future. You can trust a real estate investment and home services company like Truehold. A Pittsburgh sale-leaseback transaction makes perfect sense, giving you freedom, equity and extra cash flow.

Whether you’re a die-hard Steelers fan who couldn’t possibly stray too far from Acrisure Stadium or you can’t bare to give up your gorgeous view of one of the city’s many bridges, there’s a lot to stick around for in Pittsburgh. Stay close to the family-friendly community in Brookline or Highland Park, the trendy vibes and retail shops of Lawrenceville, or the residential, laid-back charm of South Hills. With Truehold, you’ll never have to leave the neighborhood you love.

Why Truehold?

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No moving necessary

Enjoy a seamless transition from buying to a long term lease without the cleaning, showing, packing, and moving—or the associated expenses.

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Worry-free living

Embrace your independence fully when you leave repairs, property taxes, and maintenance to us.

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Flexible finances

Unlock equity, diversify your assets, and free up cash flow so you can use your wealth the way you want.

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We’re here to support your home ownership journey, providing flexible options that align with your unique financial goals and needs.

Transaction criteria
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Home value
$90,000 ~ $350,000
2 or more
Lot size
Less than 1.5 acres
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The Pittsburgh Sale-Leaseback Process

  • We calculate the value of your home based on similar Pittsburgh properties.
  • We pay you for your property, and you live there uninterrupted throughout the process.
  • You rent your long-time home at market rate after the sale goes through.
  • We handle maintenance, property taxes, and insurance, so you can live worry-free.
Sale-leaseback zone
We have homes in:
Allegheny County
Beaver County
Washington County
Westmoreland County

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