Access your equity without leaving your Dallas home.

Our home sale-leaseback allows you to unlock new financial possibilities and enhance your lifestyle.

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Sale-leasebacks in Dallas

Are you a Dallasite who wants to keep living in your home but are hoping to cash out your equity? If so, Truehold’s “sell and stay” option might be a compelling solution for you. With our home sale-leaseback, you can sell your home while continuing to live in it and navigate the future with ease and financial security. It's a unique opportunity to balance the financial benefits of selling your home with the emotional value of staying in a familiar environment.

The Truehold process is simple and straightforward, and helps you avoid the hassle of listings, showings, and market uncertainties. Within 30 days, we’ll buy your home from you at a competitive price. As soon as the sale closes, you’re able to transform your hard-earned asset equity into cash and continue to live in your home as a renter. We offer property management and cover property tax, insurance, necessary maintenance, and large repairs, so that you can fully appreciate your home and newfound financial security.

Dallas residents have many reasons to cherish their city, from the iconic landmarks like the Reunion Tower and the bustling Arts District, to the excitement of Dallas Cowboys and Mavericks games. The city boasts serene parks and trails, contributing to its allure. Whether you're settled in a vibrant, bustling area like Deep Ellum or Uptown, or a more tranquil, family-oriented neighborhood like Highland Park, it's clear why you'd want to make Dallas or Fort Worth your forever home.

At Truehold, we've helped people like you all across the United States stay in their home and avoid the pressures of homeownership with our innovative sale-leaseback transaction.

Why Truehold?

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Safeguard your assets against the unpredictability of the rapidly evolving real estate market in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

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Enjoy hassle-free living

We've got necessary maintenance, property taxes, and home insurance covered, so that you can live with greater ease and freedom. You may find that the costs of owning vs. renting a home skew in favor of renting for your situation.

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Embrace financial independence

Use your new funds for anything you like, such as paying off debt, starting a business, reinvesting into other financial ventures, and more.

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No moving

Experience a smooth shift to a long-term lease, bypassing the hassles and costs of looking for other available properties or preparing your home to be sold.

Transaction criteria
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Home value
$175,000 ~ $400,000
3 or more
Lot size
Less than 1.5 acres
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The Dallas Sale-Leaseback Process

  • Truehold purchases your home at a competitive price based on comparable Dallas-Fort Worth properties. Feel free to check out our home equity calculator to get an idea of its current value.
  • You access the equity in your home and continue living in it, uninterrupted, as a renter  for as long as you’d like.
  • Enjoy stress-free living without the concerns of handling major repairs, real estate insurance, or property tax obligations.
  • Invest your new, debt-free cash in enhancing your lifestyle however you see fit.
Sale-leaseback zone
We have homes in:
Dallas County
Collin County
Denton County
Rockwall County
Tarrant County
Kaufman County
Ellis County
Hunt County
Parker County
Johnson County
Wise County

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