Access the value of your Nashville home without having to move.

Build a financially flexible tomorrow with our home sale-leaseback.

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Sale-leasebacks in Nashville

Are you a Nashville, TN homeowner who loves your home but is looking to tap into its equity? Truehold offers a creative solution that could be perfect for you. With our home sale-leaseback program, you can sell your home yet continue living in it as a renter, gaining financial freedom along with peace of mind. This unique method allows you to enjoy the financial benefits of selling your home while keeping the emotional ties to your cherished residence.

Truehold makes the process straightforward, eliminating the complexities of traditional home selling. Say goodbye to dealing with listings, hosting open houses, or navigating the uncertainties of the real estate market. Within just 30 days, we can purchase your home at a competitive market rate. Once the transaction is complete, you can access your home equity in cash, free of debt, and continue living there as a tenant. We manage all property taxes, insurance, routine maintenance, and major repairs, enabling you to enjoy your home and new financial freedom without worries.

Living in Nashville has its own distinct allure and powerful reasons to remain rooted. From the scenic parks and rivers to the bustling downtown area, Nashville combines traditional Southern hospitality with a lively urban atmosphere. The city's vibrant music scene, rich history, and cultural festivals like the CMA Music Festival and various seasonal celebrations make it a beloved locale. Whether you're in the trendy East Nashville, historic Germantown, or vibrant Music Row, Nashville is a city many are proud to call home.

Why Truehold?

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Easy home

Simplify your home sale with a direct purchase from us, avoiding the need for traditional market listings and showings.

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Fast equity

Quickly transform your home's equity into debt-free cash, ensuring immediate financial flexibility without relocating.

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Experience greater freedom as Truehold takes care of large repairs, property taxes, and necessary maintenance, allowing you to focus on enjoying your home.

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Cherish convenience

Avoid the hassles of showings, moving costs, and uncertainty. Focus your time and energy on enjoying the home you already love.

Transaction criteria
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Home value
$150,000 ~ $375,000
3 or more
Lot size
Less than 1.5 acres
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The Nashville Sale-Leaseback Process

  • Truehold buys your home at a fair price, in line with similar properties in Nashville.
  • Cash out your home’s value and keep living in the place you love as a renter for as long as you’d like.
  • Utilize your newfound debt-free cash however you choose.
  • Experience the best of Nashville while Truehold manages the essentials, like large repairs, taxes, and insurance, for you.
Sale-leaseback zone
We have homes in:
Rutherford County
Maury County
Davidson County
Montgomery County
Sumner County
Williamson County
Wilson County

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