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Easier living.

We'll buy your house for full value, lease it back & handle all the upkeep.
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Stay in your home with greater peace of mind.

Our Sale-Leaseback program lets you unlock your home equity debt-free and live in the home you love without the hassles of homeownership.
We Pay

Sell your house for 100% of its verified value & close within 30 days.

You Stay

Pay fair rent and live in your home for as long as you like, uninterrupted.

No Upkeep

We cover taxes, repairs, and maintenance so you don't have to.

Your home.
More cash.
No upkeep.

Forget reverse mortgages.
Twice the cash. No debt.
Access all your home equity with pricing and fees that are fair, transparent and simple.
An innovative take on
senior living.
Maintain independence in the comfort of your home and get the right service for you.

Working With Us Is Simple

Step 1

Request a free quote on your home

  • Call us at 314-353-9757 or fill out this form to start your quote.
  • Chat with one of our team members and share some information about your home.
  • We’ll send an offer for your home’s full market value and a fair rent based on comparable local properties.
Step 2

Review and finalize the contract 

  • We’re happy to talk with any family, friends or advisors you want involved in deciding if this is right for you.
  • Once you approve the offer, we’ll set up a free inspection and appraisal to verify the valuation.
  • We both sign on the dotted line—in person or digitally—to make it official.
Step 3

Receive your cash & enjoy life at home

  • You receive cash for 100% of your home’s value minus 5% transaction fees and any outstanding mortgage.
  • Continue life in your home uninterrupted—minus the responsibility of repairs, property tax, and home insurance.
  • Live with the peace of mind that our team is always a quick call away for anything you need.

Our team is here and happy to help!

Have any questions? Call today to chat with one of our advisors:

What customers are saying

“Truehold got me twice the money as a reverse mortgage without the debt and complexity. I love living at home while having my financial freedom.”
Truehold Customer, St. Louis

“I needed money for home care fast and Truehold came through. Now I can live at home instead of a senior living facility.”

Truehold customer, New York

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A better way to stay in your home.

Sell your home at full value, continue living there maintenance-free.
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