Enjoy home with more money and less hassle.

Unlock your equity and alleviate the stress of home upkeep.
Here's how it works:

We Pay

Sell your house and use your proceeds on what's most important to you

You Stay

You pay market rent and continue life in the home and community you love

We Maintain

We cover property taxes, insurance and repairs so you can enjoy your home

Helping you live happily at home for as long as you'd like.

Over 90% of Americans want to continue living at home as they get older. Yet, all too often, health or financial challenges get in the way. We started Truehold to provide an alternative: giving you the resources to build the future at home that's right for you.

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Focus on enjoying your home, not maintaining it.

We handle upkeep, safety upgrades, property tax and more to ensure your life at home is hassle-free.

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An empowering alternative
to a reverse mortgage.


Simple & straightforward

Access 100% of your home equity


Home upkeep covered

No age restriction

Hear from our customers.

“Truehold delivered as promised and paid full value for my house. I was able to cash out all my equity and remain in my home with more flexibility.

Everything was smooth, efficient and transparent!”

— Jeremie, St. Louis

"Truehold allowed my wife and I, the flexibility to do what we want with our future and not feel rushed or pressure to sell. We can move on our own schedule and stay in our home in the meantime."

— Shawn, St. Louis

"Truehold was incredibly patient every step of the way. It felt like we were dealing with true friends. We were able to get some much needed equity out of our home and we love the freedom that comes with leasing instead of owning at this stage in our life."

— Arthur, St. Louis

"The people I encountered throughout the experience were so professional. Everything about this process has gone very smoothly.

— Deborah, St. Louis

"The experience was flawless! From the initial call to the closing! No haggling, no if/then clauses, just a straightforward transaction. Being transparent was the key for me and the relationship I established with Connie was an added bonus!

— S.S. , St. Louis

Home Story

“Before Truehold I had given up hope that I could afford to stay in my own home. Now, instead of having my grandkids visit me in a nursing home, we get to create memories together at home. That means the world to me.”

— Cassandra, St. Louis

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