Sell your Tulsa home
and stay in it, too.

Enjoy a quick home sale-leaseback for long-term independence and increased cash flow.

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Sell Your Home & Keep Living in It in Tulsa

Many Tulsa homeowners long to remain in their beloved homes, charming neighborhoods, and vibrant, welcoming communities. However, many homeowners also want to find new ways to unlock their home’s equity. With Truehold, what was once a dilemma is now an opportunity. Our innovative model makes it possible to attain a flexible, stress-free future without sacrificing the life—and location—you love.

With our sale-leaseback partnerships, you can unlock your equity while remaining in your cherished home. It’s simple: we buy your house from you in as little as 30 days, and then give you access to your home’s cash value. In turn, you get to stay exactly where you are, paying rent at a price consistent with your neighborhood in Tulsa. We’ll take on major maintenance and repairs, while you take on a lot more freedom today—and a lot more control of your tomorrow.

Whether you use your newfound freedom and flexibility to enjoy Tulsa’s top attractions like the Philbrook Museum of Art and the Woodward Park and Gardens or to catch a show at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center is up to you. From the vibrant downtown—filled with gorgeous Art Deco architecture—to family-friendly Cherry Street, Tulsa, Oklahoma has so much to offer. We’re proud to help you call it home for as long as you want.

Why Truehold?

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Get the most from your home

Avoid the inconvenience of months-long showings, temporary stays, and faraway storage units when you live uninterrupted as a tenant in your own home.

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Find financial freedom

Keep your precious home in tip-top shape with minimal effort, since we’ll be taking care of repairs and construction.

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Discover special perks

Choose the best ways to invest, spend, or save, with debt-free cash as soon as the sale is complete.

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Protect your wealth

Live with peace of mind in the neighborhood you love for as long as you want to—and feel free to make a change when the time is right.

Transaction criteria
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Home value
$90,000 ~ $350,000
2 or more
Lot size
Less than 1.5 acres
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The Tulsa Sale-Leaseback Process

  • We use neighborhood data to buy your house at a competitive price—no listing, no waiting.
  • You unlock your home’s equity, lease your home, and continue to live there, paying us rent.
  • You use your debt-free cash flow to invest, hire home health care, or otherwise improve your life on your own terms.
  • Truehold covers insurance and property taxes, allowing you to finally relax and take charge of your next chapter.

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