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“We had the control on when we wanted to sell, when we wanted to move. And then, on the opposite side, once the transaction was done… I had the option on what I wanted to do with the money.”

Shawn, St. Louis
Truehold Client

“Especially in this time of high inflation her social security simply wouldn’t keep up. A leaseback unlocked the value of the house for my mom, unlocks her capital, gives her the value of her home…With the value that comes out of her house, she’s able to take care of herself!”

David, St. Louis
Truehold Client

“You just don’t wanna leave home, it’s hard to leave home because it feels so good to be home. This is a part of our dream, and we really love it.”

Thomas, St. Louis
Truehold Resident

“I enjoy thoroughly not having to be responsible to repair major maintenance, to looking into finding people to do the work and a reputable person that’s honest…That’s Truehold’s baby!”

Virginia, St. Louis
Truehold Resident

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“I wanna thank Truehold, because this wouldn’t be possible for us to get this nice, beautiful, gorgeous, spacious home if it weren't for Truehold. This is our second chance at a dream home, and we finally got it.”
St Louis
“For me, the biggest benefit is not having to worry about finding a new place to live in 30 days. I can take my time and really look around to find something I want… I’m excited to find somewhere that will be warm and inviting.”
St Louis
“The concept of Truehold seemed like it would be amazing for us because we could stay in the house that we’re used to. We could be here until we’re ready to move and just move from here to there and not to a storage unit and then in between and then on top of each other for months while this house is being built.”
“I looked at several different ways to do this, selling, reverse mortgage, 2nd mortgage, and this seemed like the best of the bunch. The entire process was simple and easy, a very pleasant experience. I'm most excited because unlike a 2nd or reverse mortgage I can stay here for as long as I like and I don't have to worry about taxes or major upkeep.”
Gary E
Kansas City
“She walked me through every step. Any questions I had, she’d find the answers for me. She made me very comfortable with the process… She covered everything so when things came up it was never a surprise.”
“Never have I experienced a smoother transition in favor of me! This time, it went like, turn the page, and you’re done. It was so smooth.”
St. Louis
“As a 62 year old single female life changes put me in complicated situations having an opportunity to regain some stability again was challenging. Yet Truehold gave life a little more hope for me.”
Renita B
Kansas City
“I’m most excited about the fact that I don’t have to move, that’s the biggest thing. I don’t have to clear out the house now…My grandkids can come over…That is my biggest excitement, that I do get to keep it.”
St. Louis
“It was just the best option for us, and we got more than we were thinking this way. It helps us out. We’re still in our home, and that’s the beautiful thing. And this was a godsend to us because we were like, are there any other options? What else is out there? And Truehold hit the grand slam!”
St. Louis
“It wasn’t just the business transaction, it was the company goal to support the seniors to stay in their home… Everybody I talked to, the goal is to keep people in their house for as long as they want to be there which met our needs as a family.”
St. Louis
“Years before all this came up, I had asked all my family if, since this is their childhood home, if they had any designs on it after I'm gone. ‘No’ was the reply all the way around. Since I have a sizable loan I didn't want to leave for them, my answer was Truehold. It really came at a good time.”
St. Louis
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