Ensure your parents can age happily at home

Access liquid equity and keep your parents comfortable with Truehold.

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Managing the estate of your loved ones can be a challenge. Truehold is here to help.

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Support their lifestyle

Home is where the heart is. A sale-leaseback lets your loved ones stay in the home and neighborhood they already know.

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Simplify their estate

The debt-free cash payout from a Truehold home sale is the simplest type of asset to manage.

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Prepare for the future

Use the Truehold lease period as a transition tool, or prepay rent to keep aging seniors comfortable and secure.


in the loop

Our team works directly with you and your family, making sure to keep all chosen contacts in the know.

“I felt confident in Truehold because they focus on the senior's needs, with real estate second. I have spoken to multiple members of the Truehold team, all who expertly answered any questions we had.”
David W
St. Louis
“Especially in this time of high inflation her social security simply wouldn’t keep up with the incremental increases across the spectrum of daily, monthly, household bills, food, that sort of stuff..[Truehold] has provided for my mom to upgrade her lifestyle. It allows us to spend a little more freely on her clothing and her food and her transportation. For us as a family, it allows us to take care of my mom better.”
David W
St. Louis
“The lease-back made complete economic sense. We were able to take advantage of the marketplace at the time. We were able to develop the cash that would service my mom.”
David W
St. Louis
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Trust Truehold to support your parents

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Frequently asked questions

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How does Truehold make money?
We operate the same way traditional real estate investors do. We make a profit off industry-standard commissions, rent, and sales.
How long does a sale-leaseback take?
Each situation is unique, but Truehold home sales can close in as little as 30 days.
Is a sale-leaseback feasible for my family?
Our team of expert advisors will work through the relevant financial information with you and your family members to find out. We’ll never recommend a sale-leaseback that isn’t financially feasible.
How long can my family members stay in their home post-sale?
As long as they follow the guidelines set out in their lease, Truehold renters can stay in their home as long as they like.

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