Fund your dreams with equity that’s already yours

Whether you’re pursuing a passion or starting a business, Truehold can unlock the cash you need.

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Truehold’s sale-leaseback can help you turn your vision into reality.

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Risk smarter

Investment inevitably carries risk. Leveraging your home equity to pursue a big vision eliminates treacherous debt and interest concerns.

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Keep your home base

No need to uproot your entire life to make your vision come true. With Truehold, you can stay in the home you love and fund your next venture simultaneously.

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Find fulfillment

Traditional lenders don’t always understand daring plans. You know exactly how to make your dreams happen, and Truehold will help you get there.

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Transition smoothly

Use your home as a launching pad for the next chapter, and stay flexible when the time comes to make those major moves.

“My dream is to have my own gym as well as to have my own cyber security firm. You don’t always start at the top, and so Truehold allowed me to continue to take that money and invest it in my dream to have my own gym, have my own development center, and eventually being able to have those streams of income allow me to live my life and allow me to have the impact in different ways that continue to give me purpose and help other people get better.”
Shawn S
St. Louis
“It was just like perfect for us because we love what we do. And to be able to do what we do, we need our capital. So I said, ‘Thank you Lord,’ and it was just perfect…This will push us to the next level.”
St. Louis
“We were able to get some much needed equity out of our home so we could invest in our business. We love the flexibility and freedom that comes with leasing instead of owning at this stage in our life as well.”
Kingston A
St. Louis
“For me it was an investment in our future. For both my business and my family! We finally can do what we’ve always wanted to.”
Shawn S
St. Louis
“Doing the lease-back was part of the vision of doing my speaking business… It helped me to launch the brand and get started. It was really beneficial for us… I feel like I’m doing exactly what I’m supposed to do. Just impacting someone’s life, even just doing the smallest things and helping them get better, helping them learn different things.”
Shawn S
St. Louis
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Frequently asked questions

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What are the benefits of a sale-leaseback for entrepreneurs?
Sale-leasebacks (and Truehold’s approach in particular) offer entrepreneurs fast access to equity they already own without restrictive requirements. You can even stay in your home after selling it—you have the right of first refusal when it comes to leasing the property.
Will I take on debt working with Truehold?
Truehold pays for your home in cash. There is no need to take on debt working with us. In fact, you can use the influx of income to pay off debt.
How long can I stay in my home after selling?
Stay in your home for whatever length of time suits you. As long as you abide by the terms of your lease, your home is yours to enjoy.
Can I operate a business out of my home after selling?
Local regulations and zoning laws come into play here. Chat with our team for info about your unique situation.
How quickly will I be able to access my equity?
Our team of experts works closely with each individual client, so the exact timeline varies depending on your circumstances. Typically, we can close in as little as 30 days.

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