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When you unlock your home’s equity with Truehold, you gain the power to pay off debts from the comfort of your home.

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Truehold is here to help you find your financial footing in unexpected circumstances.

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Access debt-free cash

When you sell your home with Truehold, you get paid in cash.

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Stay grounded

Financial struggles come with a lot of stress. By leasing your home post-sale for as long as you like, you can enjoy comfort and stability while you find your footing.

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Streamline your expenses

Homeownership comes with plenty of costs and problems. Lease your home with Truehold to cut down on maintenance costs, mortgage interest, and property taxes.


Find flexibility

Liquid assets make for easy adaptability. Let us take on the property ownership responsibilities while you sort out your finances.

“My experience with Truehold was exceptionally smooth.  After making the decision to become more financially secure, I made the decision to go with Truehold's buy/sell leaseback program.  The representatives were very informative and precise about the process.  They walked me through each step of the process and told me what to expect, the time it would take to complete each step, and a pretty accurate estimation of the finalization, so there were no surprises.  They answered all my questions and addressed all of my concerns adequately no matter how big or small the inquiry.”
“I appreciated the simple, straightforward process and am looking forward to the financial flexibility Truehold gives me.”
St. Louis
“Very easy to work with. Truehold allowed me to access my equity in my home when all other options failed. Truehold made it easy to sell and stay in my home. They offered a very acceptable price for my home. They didn't try to take advantage of my situation.”
Kevin H
Kansas City
“I looked at several different ways to do this, selling, reverse mortgage, 2nd mortgage, and this seemed like the best of the bunch. The entire process was simple and easy, a very pleasant experience. I'm most excited because unlike a 2nd or reverse mortgage I can stay here for as long as I like and I don't have to worry about taxes or major upkeep.”
Gary E
Kansas City
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Frequently asked questions

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I have debt issues. Will Truehold still work with me?
Since our sale-leaseback system doesn’t involve lending, we’re able to work with individuals who otherwise wouldn’t qualify for financial programs. Each situation is unique—chat with our team to see how we can help.
How does a sale-leaseback help with financial need?
Selling and releasing your home with Truehold liquidates your home equity, turning it into cash that you can utilize for all kinds of purposes, such as paying off credit card debt or resolving medical bills.
How long can I stay in my home?
As long as you pay rent and abide by the lease terms, your home is yours to enjoy for as long as you like.
How does Truehold make money?
Truehold operates under the terms of traditional real estate investment. We earn 5.5% off the buying and selling of homes and charge rents based on comparable homes in your area.

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