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Debt-free funding

Truehold offers a new kind of funding option for your home build. Your home equity turns into cash in the bank, just like that.

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Comfortable living

Unlock the equity of your current home, then keep living in it while you build or find your new one.

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Rental guarantees

Our sale-leaseback contracts are flexible and renter-focused. You can stay for as little as six months in between your big move or continue as a paying renter for as long as you need.

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Simple transitions

Truehold’s solutions can help you move directly from your current house into your new build without a hitch.

“This way allows my wife and I the flexibility to do what we want with our future as we decide to build our dream home and not feel rushed or pressured to sell. It was very calming to be able to sell a house the same way I would on the market without all the extra overhead!”
St. Louis
“For the right situation, this company can be a solid solution. I have completed the transaction and am now the renter, who has cash in hand to be a more attractive buyer going forward. I do not have to go through listing my house, showing it and getting my dogs out for potential buyers. Now I have time to concentrate on finding my best house, and move as I feel free to do. This is a very comfortable way to make a big move and not have so much on you. We all take risks and this is one I feel good about so far.”
Renita B
Kansas City
“We were able to get some much needed equity out of our home so we could invest in our business. We love the flexibility and freedom that comes with leasing instead of owning at this stage in our life as well.”
Kingston A
St. Louis
“For me it was an investment in our future. For both my business and my family! We finally can do what we’ve always wanted to and that’s move on our schedule and still keep the peace in our home with 4 kids under 5 years old which can be tough doing it the traditional route.”
St. Louis
“Truehold made it very easy for us to navigate this new purchase, this new construction, while also being able to maintain the lives of  our children.”
St. Louis
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Frequently asked questions

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What does a sale-leaseback entail?
A sale-leaseback is the process of selling your home, collecting the cash payment, and signing a lease agreement with the new owner to continue occupancy of the property.
How long does a sale-leaseback take?
Each individual sale-leaseback is unique. However, transactions may be complete in as little as 30 days.
How can I use the cash from my sale-leaseback?
However you see fit. Your proceeds are yours to utilize and invest. Many clients use their newfound capital to purchase land, hire a team of contractors, pay for materials, and more throughout the building process.
How does Truehold make money?
Truehold makes money like other real estate investors, through industry-standard commissions, sales, and rent.
How long can I stay in my current home after selling with Truehold?
As long as you pay rent and abide by the lease, you’re welcome to stay as long as you need.

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