Truehold Realtor Partner Spotlight: Jason DeLong

Learn how KC Real Estate Agent Jason DeLong used Truehold to meaningfully transform his business and his clients' lives.

May 16, 2023
Truehold Realtor Partner Spotlight: Jason DeLong

Kansas City real estate professional Jason DeLong has been in the real estate space for nearly two decades. He currently leads the team at Heartland Homes KC, powered by EXP Realty. His highly motivated team that strives to deliver the strongest customer experience on each and every transaction by using cutting edge technology and creative thinking for both buyers and sellers.

I sat down with Jason to hear more about how becoming a Truehold partner has helped to transform his business and provide his clients with a meaningful and differentiable option that they were previously unaware of.

Q: What challenges did you face before working with Truehold?

A: Prior to working with Truehold, I had a lack of options to offer my clients. Like every other realtor, I could present my clients with the option to sell, buy, or rent. There was really nothing out of the ordinary to offer.  Truehold has become another option to offer clients or potential clients.  

Q: How do you use Truehold?

A: I present Truehold to my clients as a new and exciting option. Sure, they can sell their home and immediately funnel the money into buying a new one. Or they can choose to not sell their home and stay put. But they can also sell their home, get their money, and stay at home. It’s a whole new concept for most owners and one they never knew existed. If the sale-leaseback isn’t appealing to them for whatever reason, at least they know where they are at and have all the options on the table.

Q: What about Truehold has been most helpful for your business?

A: Everyone at Truehold is extremely responsive and timely. I never have to wait long to get a question answered or worry that no one will respond. They see me as a client of theirs and have been a great partner. Truehold is also fairly aggressive on pricing compared to others in their buybox which has made it a no-brainer for some of my clients to proceed with a sale-leaseback.

Q: How have you benefitted from Truehold?

A: As someone who’s been in the real estate world for a long time, Truehold has allowed me to have conversations that I’ve never been able to have before and that, truthfully, most agents aren’t able to have with potential clients because they can only offer their clients the option to buy or sell. I can now provide my clients with a quick cash option and make the transition to wherever they want to go next smoother for them.

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Q: How have most of your clients benefitted from Truehold? 

A: Most of my clients have benefitted from Truehold in two main ways. The first is that Truehold has allowed them to access their equity. Having that kind of capital now in hand, to spend on whatever suits their needs, is huge. The second is that Truehold has given my clients the time to figure out their next move. Whether they’re older homeowners who want to downsize, younger families who want to upsize, people considering building a new home, or people considering moving to a different city or state, they’re now able to stay put for as long as they need and rationally decide their next move. Especially in a crazy market like this one, having time on your side can make all the difference.

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Joe Pucillo
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Joe Pucillo is Truehold’s Head of Brokerage, where he’s focused on building out the partnership engine and overseeing our brokerage operations. Joe is a growth-focused executive who’s been in the real estate industry for more than 25 years. During that time, he helped build new companies and launch new products within existing companies.
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