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June 10, 2024
Sell Your Home in Cincinnati with Ease

Ready to put your house on the market? Although the heyday of low-interest mortgages ended in April 2022 after a 13-year span of under-5% rates, buyers and investors are still looking to make a deal—and Cincinnati, Ohio, is a hot market in 2024.1

Whether you’re planning a big move or looking to scale your household up or down, read on for the facts you need to sell a home, Cincinnati-style. 

Insight into the Cincinnati Housing Market

Cincinnati home value growth has slowed since the 2021–2022 spike, and the city offers affordable options despite climbing interest rates. Earlier this year, Zillow named Cincinnati 2024’s second hottest market in the U.S., largely due to Midwest affordability—almost 70% of Cincinnati, Ohio homes sell at or below the country’s median.2

In the first quarter of 2024, the nationwide median sale price of homes was $420,800, with 47 median days on the market in April 2024, down from 69 in January.3,4

Compare that to the stats for the Cincinnati real estate market and its surrounding communities. As of mid-May 20245:

  • Cincinnati median list price $296,500 with 97 average days on market
  • Anderson Township median list price $500,000 with 58 average days on market
  • Blue Ash median list price $739,900 with 146 average days on market
  • Hyde Park median list price $662,500 with 8 average days on market
  • Indian Hill median list price $2,197,000 with 110 average days on market
  • Madeira median list price $810,450 with 84 average days on market
  • Mariemont median list price $1,027,900 with 184 average days on market
  • Milford median list price $312,450 with 21 average days on market
  • Norwood median list price $292,000 with 31 average days on market
  • Oakley median list price $349,900 with 9 average days on market
  • Terrace Park median list price $919,500 with 14 average days on market

Tips for Preparing Your Home for Sale

Attracting a potential buyer and receiving an offer takes work. On average, home sellers spend about six months and $5,400 preparing their homes for sale.6,7

Cleaning, Maintenance, and Minor Improvements

If you’re listing your home to show to prospective buyers, then you’ll need to get it shipshape first. When creating your home selling checklist, start with these tasks: 

  • Organize your belongings and store some to reduce clutter
  • Deep clean the house including walls, closets, windows, etc.
  • Repair anything dripping, leaking, squeaking, or damaged throughout the house

Next, consider what can be done with minimal investment for your home valuation: 

  • Carpet steam-cleaning and stretching in any loose spots
  • Repainting the interior or select rooms with fresh neutral colors
  • Replacing dated lighting or plumbing fixtures
  • Outstanding maintenance needs for HVAC, plumbing, or other systems
  • Landscaping tidying, plantings, and minor upgrades
  • Power-washing walkways, fences, and outdoor furniture
  • Staging your home by adding minimal purchases/rentals to your belongings

Major Improvements

Finally, consider any larger remodeling or upgrades that can make back more money than you spend on them—but be aware, there aren’t many that make the cut. According to Remodeling’s 2024 Cost vs. Value Report, you can recoup8:

  • 193.9% on a garage door replacement
  • 188.1% with a steel entry door replacement 
  • 153.2% by adding manufactured stone veneer 
  • 96.1% with a minor kitchen remodel

Depending on the DIY skills and resources you can draw on, it can still be worth it to complete other upgrades to increase your home’s value. Rather than a total kitchen remodel, for instance, consider repainting cabinets and upgrading the sink faucet. 

Expert Input

A real estate agent should be another resource to command during the selling process. When you invite agents to interview, ask them to follow up with tiered pricing proposals and project recommendations. What do they think you should tackle when looking for Cincinnati, Ohio cash buyers, and how would it affect how much they believe they can sell your home for? 

Ask them to include professional staging as an element—is it worth it for you? If not, request their help in DIY staging.

Staying Show-Ready

Once your home is at its best, you’ll need to maintain it. From the time your home is listed until closing, keep your: 

  • Home cleaned, picked up, and ready for showings
  • Yard trimmed, raked, and mowed
  • Driveways and walkways neatly cleared of any snow or ice

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Effective Marketing Tactics for Cincinnati Homes

A yard sign and an open house aren’t enough if you want to sell a home quickly these days. Attracting a potential buyer pool that generates a cash offer you’re happy with means actively targeting them through a dedicated marketing plan.

Showcase Your Property’s Best Features

Any marketing starts with knowing your product. You have the basic information showing on your home listing—number of bedrooms, square footage, etc—but don’t stop there. Figure out what makes your specific property and its location shine. 

This could include: 

  • Growth-in-value trends of your property and the surrounding neighborhood
  • School district ratings or highlights
  • Positive crime and safety statistics or trends
  • Neighborhood proximity to highways, public transportation, or distance to downtown
  • Micro-local events and features (great restaurants, art crawls, community centers, etc.)

Check out grades and ratings for your specific neighborhood as well, such as these 2024 declarations from Niche:

  • A+ rated Cincinnati neighborhoods: East Walnut Hills, Hyde Park, Downtown, Oakley9
  • Best Places to Raise a Family in Ohio: Mariemont #1 and Blue Ash #210
  • Best Places for Young Professionals in Ohio: Pendleton #1, Mt. Adams #2, Over-the-Rhine #8, Downtown Cincinnati #9, East Walnut Hills #1210 

Draft a Marketing Plan

Real estate agents that you interview should be able to provide documented marketing plans that they have the resources to implement. 

The basics for marketing a traditional sale include: 

  • Listings on Ohio state and regional MLS (multiple listing service) databases
  • Agency website promotion and brokerage reciprocity
  • Agency social media posting on Facebook, Instagram, and other sites
  • For Sale yard sign, printed sell sheets for visitors, and hang tags for neighbors
  • Active networking with agent connections to your target buyer pool

The most effective agents will also be able to offer: 

  • Paid social media advertising
  • Paid digital advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Professional photography 
  • High-quality videos, virtual tours, and 3D tours
  • Interactive virtual home staging lookbook of key rooms

Stay Involved

Although you’ll pay a hefty commission to your agent that includes the cost of marketing your home, it’s still worth it to spend some energy overseeing the plan components. In particular: 

  • Review the listing and marketing materials for accuracy
  • Ensure your property description includes best features and neighborhood highlights
  • Share social posts to your own networks and local groups
  • Leverage your offline communities, organizations, and friends to share your listing
  • Request reports from your agent on web page visits and digital ad statistics

Additionally, establish milestone goals and dates related to marketing efforts with your agent, and check in weekly to ensure everything is on track and discuss adjustments if not.

Step-by-Step Guide to Selling in Cincinnati

Selling your home in Cincinnati can occur in a matter of a few weeks if you opt for an as-is sale to a real estate investment company or iBuyer, but the most common process is a traditional listing sale through a real estate agent. 

Steps leading up to closing day typically include: 

  • Preparing your home for sale: repairs, upgrades, cleaning, organizing, and staging
  • Shopping for, interviewing, and signing a listing agreement with a seller’s agent
  • Pricing the property through comparative market analysis (CMA) and other research
  • Listing and marketing the property
  • Property showings, often following an open house
  • Offer review and negotiation prior to signing a sale agreement
  • Negotiation and concessions following buyer’s inspections
  • Reviewing and signing legal and financial documents through closing day

If you don’t receive acceptable offers, you may also need to reassess and reduce the listed price. 

Unlike some states, Ohio laws don’t require homeowners to hire real estate lawyers or agents to sell their homes, but you will need to complete a Residential Property Disclosure form established by the Ohio Department of Commerce to disclose all "material matters relating to the physical condition of the property" that you’re aware of.11

Leveraging Truehold's Sale-Leaseback 

If you’re selling in order to free up funds or get out of your current mortgage but don’t actually want to move, there is another path to consider. A residential sale-leaseback from Truehold offers a debt-free way to pay off your mortgage, avoid new debt, and access your equity—all without moving out of the home you love. 

Instead of going through the upfront costs and disruption preparing for a traditional sale, you sell directly to Truehold through a Cincinnati sale-leaseback. At closing, rather than handing off your house keys to us, you can sign a lease and switch seamlessly to renter status. You’ll know the rate ahead of time and have the choice to remain in your home as a renter as long as you comply with the lease and pay rent. 

In addition to ending your mortgage payments and debt, you’ll also be free from property tax, homeowner’s liability insurance, and major repairs and covered maintenance. 

Ready to find out more? Call (314) 353-9757, and one of our advisors will review the process and determine whether Truehold's sale-leaseback fits your financial picture and goals.


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