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Unlock your equity & stay in your home stress-free with Truehold.

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Your home was an investment. Now it’s paying dividends.

With Truehold, you get all the benefits of living in your home and none of the drawbacks. Here's how it works.

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Sell Your

We buy your house at a competitive price. You get paid upfront, just like a normal home sale. The money is yours to spend, save, or gift however you wish.

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Stay in Your Home

Keep living in your home while leasing it from us at a monthly rate. No surprises, no hidden fees, and no more homeownership stress.

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Ditch the Extra Costs

Since you are no longer an owner, you don’t have to pay property taxes or property insurance. Just make a monthly lease payment and enjoy your beautiful home.

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Move When You’re Ready

Leasing your home gives you freedom and flexibility. You can end the lease in the short term or rent for the long term. It’s all up to you.

Over $200 million

in equity unlocked
for US homeowners


purchased & managed

48 hours
or less

to receive a cash offer
for your home

30 days
or less

to complete your
home sale

Harness the hidden value of your home and find peace of mind

How Truehold empowers your financial future

Safeguard your wealth

Unlike a home equity loan or reverse mortgage, Truehold doesn’t burden you with additional debt. You’re simply selling us your home and continuing to live there under a rental agreement for as long as you need. There’s nothing to pay off in the future – for you or your children.

Safeguard your wealth
Invest in yourself

Invest in yourself

Truehold is devoted to helping you put cash-in-hand no matter what life circumstances are thrown at you. Whether you’re preparing for retirement, need financing for a new dream home, or dealing with an unexpected life transition, our licensed agents will be your guides to a better future.

Enjoy your home

It’s getting more expensive every year to own your home. Truehold gives you all the benefits of living where you love with none of the stress. We work with the best local property managers to provide fast essential repairs, pay your property taxes, and cover property insurance so you can relax.

Enjoy your home
“We had the control on when we wanted to sell, when we wanted to move. And then, on the opposite side, once the transaction was done… I had the option on what I wanted to do with the money.”

Shawn, St. Louis
Truehold Client

“Especially in this time of high inflation her social security simply wouldn’t keep up. A leaseback unlocked the value of the house for my mom, unlocks her capital, gives her the value of her home…With the value that comes out of her house, she’s able to take care of herself!”

David, St. Louis
Truehold Client

“You just don’t wanna leave home, it’s hard to leave home because it feels so good to be home. This is a part of our dream, and we really love it.”

Thomas, St. Louis
Truehold Resident

“I enjoy thoroughly not having to be responsible to repair major maintenance, to looking into finding people to do the work and a reputable person that’s honest…That’s Truehold’s baby!”

Virginia, St. Louis
Truehold Resident

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Frequently asked questions

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How does Truehold work?
Truehold is a single-family rental company that combines two common transactions into one: a home sale and a rental lease. We buy your home and lease it right back to you. It’s as simple as that.
How does Truehold calculate home value and rent?
We use recent sale prices of similar homes in your area to calculate an initial estimate. Then, we perform an unbiased, third-party inspection to ensure our valuation is fair.

The same is true for rent. We use local comparable rentals to set a market rent. You can request a quote on your home by calling 314-353-9757 or filling out the form HERE.
What is the process for getting started?
Give us a call at (314) 353-9757. Our Truehold Advisors are available to discuss your situation, provide transparent information, and answer any questions you might have.

If you're not ready to speak to a representative just yet, you can request a free Info Kit to learn more about Truehold.
What kinds of homeowners can benefit from a sale then a lease?
Truehold's Sale-Leaseback is perfect for older adults planning their retirement or looking to age in place in their homes. It's even ideal for children who are helping their parents plan for their future. Those who are already moving into their dream homes but need a short term cash and housing solution will find our transaction seamless. Homeowners going through major life events like divorce, sudden debt, or following their dreams can benefit from the instant liquidity Truehold provides. A sale-leaseback also helps homeowners who want to capture high cash values in the current housing market.

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