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Get the top price for your home now, then live in it until you’re ready to move.

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Want to leverage your home equity but stay? Truehold is the best of both worlds.

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Truehold turns your home’s value into debt-free cash—in the immediate future, not way down the line.

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Our sale/releasing programs mean that you can stay in your home post-sale, for as long as you like—all you have to do is sign and adhere to a standard lease.

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Diversify your portfolio

Once your equity is in hand, you can reinvest it anywhere you see fit, whether that’s the stock market, a new business, or other real estate.

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Embrace flexibility

Property ownership ties you down. We’ll take care of your beloved home, so your time and capital can be utilized elsewhere and new opportunities can be jumped on quickly.

“The lease-back made complete economic sense. We were able to take advantage of the marketplace at the time. We were able to develop the cash that would service my mom.”
David W
St. Louis
“Truehold has made the process easy for several of my clients and even myself on a property I own. I have found them to be very transparent, reasonable in negotiations and efficient in closings.”
Hayley T
St. Louis
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Frequently asked questions

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What is a sale-leaseback?
A sale-leaseback is a multi-part real estate transaction wherein the homeowner sells their house, then leases it from the buyer immediately following.
How does Truehold make money?
Like other real estate investors, Truehold makes money through commissions and sales, and by collecting rent on various properties.
How long can I stay in my home post-sale?
Provided you pay rent and abide by the rules of your lease, you can stay in your home for as long as you like.
Is a sale-leaseback right for me?
Answering this question requires a careful examination of your financial situation, but a sale-leaseback is an excellent choice for many homeowners. Contact our team for a personalized assessment and recommendation.

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