Helping people live happily at home, for as long as they like.

There's no place like home.
Cherished memories, backyard barbecues, quiet nights in your favorite chair. Home is a place of happiness—and we believe it should stay that way for life.

Unfortunately, unexpected life situations often arise later in life, lessening the quality of life at home or forcing people out of their home all together.

We started Truehold after witnessing too many loved ones face this challenging dilemma.

There was no better solution out there — so we decided to create one.

About Us

"After watching my grandfather—a 90-year-old, WWII veteran, and POW—sell and move out of his beloved family home to finance his expenses, I knew there needed to be a better solution. I wanted to create a way for others to live the full life at home he should have been able to enjoy."

Brian Hardecker
Certified Senior Advisor
CEO of Truehold

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About Us

A new option that lets you live how you want, where you want.

Our Sale-Leaseback service is a smarter, simpler way to access all your home equity without leaving your home. Sell your home and keep living in it without the hassle of maintenance and upkeep. No reverse mortgage, no moving, no stress.

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We pledge to always put your needs above all and are committed to being honest, helpful, and human in everything we do — even when it doesn't benefit us financially.