Dee’s Story: How She Leveraged a Sale-Leaseback for a Stress-Free Transition to Her Dream Home

In the ever-fluctuating housing market, homeowners like Dee are seeking innovative ways to move without stress.

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December 1, 2023
Dee’s Story: How She Leveraged a Sale-Leaseback for a Stress-Free Transition to Her Dream Home

Meet Dee

Dee, a full-time worker and mother of two kids in their early 20s, enjoys a cozy life in her St. Louis condo, along with her boyfriend and two little chihuahua mixes. "We enjoy hanging out with our 2 little dogs and traveling whenever we can," she shares.

With an eye on the rising home values and aspirations to move, Dee was drawn to the sale-leaseback option. "I wanted to take advantage of the seller’s market as well as wanting to eventually move out of a condo and into a house," Dee explains. 

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Flexible Home Selling

Recognizing the robust market conditions, Dee found the sale-leaseback to be an ideal solution to access equity to build your dream home. "I can take my time and really look around to find something I want," she said. It offered her a way to sell her home at its peak market value without the immediate pressure to relocate.

Dee had considered other options but found Sale-Leaseback to be the most convenient and stress free. "With the sale-leaseback, we didn’t have to worry about 'move out' timeframes or having to stay somewhere temporarily while we waited for our next home to come to fruition. No double moves!!"

"I can take my time and really look around to find something I want."

A Comfortable and Informed Decision

Initially, Dee had reservations, particularly about the complexities of the transaction. "I was worried about fees and all the 'fine print' that can be hard to understand in a real estate transaction." However, the clarity and support provided by the Truehold team eased her concerns. "The people I worked with were very upfront, transparent, and patient. They answered all my questions, and I had a lot!"

Reflecting on the process, Dee found it to be swift and supportive. "It was a quick process overall, and I had immediate help for any questions or concerns that came up," she recalls. "They made me feel comfortable with my final decision."

"The people I worked with were very upfront, transparent, and patient."

The Freedom and Joy of a Well-Timed Move

With the sale-leaseback completed, Dee experienced a sense of freedom and relief. “The lease allows for flexibility in moving, and I can choose when!”

She was no longer under pressure to quickly find a new home, providing her the leisure to search for a place that truly resonated with her and her family's needs. "I’m looking forward to being able to buy a new home without the 'contingency' of selling one first," she shared, highlighting the peace of mind and the sale-leaseback offers.

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Dee's Heartfelt Endorsement

Dee recommends the sale-leaseback option to homeowners seeking a stress-free transition in their home selling and buying journey. She said, “It’s a wonderful option for a variety of situations people may have!”

This interview has been edited for length and clarity. 

Are you considering a move but worried about the timing and stress? Truehold’s sale-leaseback might be your answer, offering immediate cash for your home and the flexibility to find your perfect next home at your pace.

Request your free, no-obligation offer today and explore a smoother way to transition to your next home.

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Written by
Róisín Goebelbecker
Brand Lead at Truehold
Róisín Goebelbecker leverages her background in social impact storytelling, community engagement, and social services to elevate residents’ stories and advocate for the dignity and agency of older adults.
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