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How One Realtor Added $40k in GCI Over Six Months With Truehold

January 23, 2023
How One Realtor Added $40k in GCI Over Six Months With Truehold
Real estate agents all over the country are dealing with decline in business this year as a result of soaring interest rates and declining home sales. Yet, Hayley Tomazic, founder of Curated Properties, has had her best year ever.
“I think a large part of the reason why I’ve had my best year ever is because I now have Truehold in my toolbox. This allows me to do transactions that would never have happened before.”  

Meet Hayley

St. Louis native Hayley has loved real estate her entire life. Over her two-decade career, Hayley has seen nearly every facet of the real estate business.

She currently owns her own real estate development company where she helps both buyers and sellers on their homebuying journeys, and gets the chance to live her dream of running a real estate renovation company.  

Reviving Old Leads to Create New Revenue

Hayley initially learned of Truehold through a friend of hers who is also a local realtor.

At the time, Hayley was considering reaching back out to clients who had listed their home a few months before. They had quickly taken their home off the market because they hated the sales process– potential buyers constantly entering their space and touring their home. The showing process presented a huge challenge to these clients, and Hayley could tell that they needed a new solution.

“My clients loved that they were able to have me, their agent who they trust, walk them through this process.”

Upon becoming a Truehold certified partner, Hayley reached back out to the client. The family now told her they wanted to build a new home but didn’t know how to make it all happen without the frustrating process of selling their current home first. “My first deal I sent to Truehold was a perfect option for my clients. They needed the equity out of their home to build a new one. They said to me, ‘We’ve seen companies doing similar things, but we always found them so overwhelming.’ My clients loved that they were able to have me, their agent who they trust, walk them through this process.”

Hayley Tomazic, Founder of Curated Properties

The Simple Sale-Leaseback Solution

When Hayley meets clients for the first time, she has an open and honest conversation with them about their goals, needs, and ideal scenario for selling their home. She can tell pretty quickly whether Truehold is a good fit.

Many of her clients are looking for a seamless and frictionless process– especially those with young children who don’t want to endure disruptive and neverending showings. Others need to sell their current home in order to finance a new one. Some want to ride the coattails of a favorable market while they decide on their next move. These are the times when she brings up Truehold.

“I have a client who is now building their dream house. Without Truehold, they never would’ve been able to do so. It’s given them the money they need to build and the flexibility they need to move on their own, low-stress timeline.”

Truehold simplifies the process for the client, Hayley says, and provides her with an option she never used to have.

A Win-Win for Hayley and Her Clients

Hayley loves that she can now offer sellers new options, thus helping to set her apart from other realtors and genuinely help her clients. She can now cater to clients in a wide range of situations and provide a meaningful solution to whatever problem they are trying to solve.

“Before, I would’ve had to tell clients in certain situations to just wait. But now, they can sell, get their money, and stay. It becomes a win-win for everyone involved.”

Something else she loves about working with Truehold? The lead generation. “Truehold has been a great source of leads for me. One of my clients who used Truehold had a friend call me and say, “hey, can you get me an offer too?” It’s great how working with Truehold has led to so many word of mouth referrals.”

In addition, Hayley appreciates Truehold’s flexibility and human-centered approach. “Listening to the seller’s agent is extremely rare when you are working with an investor, but Truehold does just that.”  

A Secure Future

Whether your clients want to upsize, downsize, consolidate debt, or stay right where they are while accessing their home equity, Truehold presents the perfect solution. Particularly in a volatile macroeconomic environment, and amidst climbing interest rates, realtors like Hayley can rest assured that they can offer their clients a great path forward and set themselves apart no matter what the future holds.

Thank you to Hayley for sharing your story!

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