Questions to Ask Aging Parents Checklist

Ensure your aging parents' well-being by asking the right questions. Use our checklist to cover their health, daily life, future plans, wishes, and finances

Retirement + Aging in Place
May 18, 2023
Questions to Ask Aging Parents Checklist

As we journey through life, our parents age alongside us. Their transition into old age is a natural part of the circle of life, but it also brings about new responsibilities and challenges. It's important to approach this phase with curiosity, empathy, understanding, and a willingness to support our aging parents. Having open and meaningful conversations is crucial to ensure their well-being. 

In this blog, we present a comprehensive checklist of questions to ask aging parents to find out how you can best support them. These questions will help you gain valuable insights, address their needs, and plan for the future while fostering a supportive environment.

Why It's Important to Ask Aging Parents the Right Questions

As you’re caring for aging parents, engaging in meaningful conversations is more than just a practical necessity; it’s an expression of love and care. By asking questions, you show a genuine interest in their well-being, affirming that their thoughts and feelings matter. Through these dialogues, you’ll not only gain valuable insights into their physical, emotional, and financial needs, but also create an environment where they feel heard, valued, and supported. 

Asking questions instead of making assumptions demonstrates your commitment to your parents’ happiness and fosters a sense of reassurance and security. It opens doors for deeper connections, strengthens family bonds, and allows you to navigate the challenges and decisions that come with aging together.1 

Getting Started: Preparing for the Conversation

To have a successful chat with your older loved ones, you’ll want to create a safe and positive atmosphere. This will help you to get the most out of the conversation. Here are some pointers to help you begin:

  • Choose a comfortable setting Find a cozy and secluded spot where you can engage in candid conversation without any disruptions. Creating the right environment is crucial to setting the stage for a meaningful discussion with your aging parent. 
  • Be respectful When you initiate a dialogue with your parents, approach it with curiosity, kindness, consideration, and compassion. Empathize with their perspective, honor their opinions, and be mindful of their feelings.
  • Listen actively When you actively listen to your aging parents, it shows that you acknowledge and value their input and opinions. This can also help build trust and improve communication between you and your parents, leading to a more harmonious relationship.
  • Take breaks Discussing aging with your parents can be emotionally charged, and it's normal to feel overwhelmed or exhausted. Taking breaks during the conversation can help everyone involved process the information and avoid burnout. If necessary, consider scheduling another meeting to continue the conversation when both parties are well-rested and ready to continue. Remember, this is an ongoing dialogue, and it's important to prioritize your own mental and emotional health as well as your parents'.

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Questions to Ask Aging Parents Checklist

Before diving into the conversation, it’s important to come prepared with questions you want to ask. This way, you’ll get the most out of it and receive clearer answers from your parents. 

The following questions can help you start the conversation and understand your loved ones' needs.

Opening Lines of Communication

To create a foundation of trust and comfort, start by asking these essential questions:

  1. How are you feeling physically and emotionally?
  2. Are there any health concerns or symptoms you've been experiencing?
  3. Have you noticed any changes in your daily routines or activities?
  4. Are there any specific areas where you require or desire assistance or support?

Daily Living Arrangements and Safety

Ensuring the safety and security of aging parents is always important. These questions will guide you in evaluating their daily living situation:

  1. Are you content with your current living arrangement?
  2. Have you considered any modifications or adaptations to make your home safer?
  3. Do you have any concerns about falling or accidents at home?
  4. Are you aware of any emergency contacts or medical alert systems available to you?

Healthcare and Medical Needs

Understanding your aging parent’s healthcare needs is essential for their overall well-being. Ask the following questions to gather vital information about their medical care:

  1. Do you have a list of your current medications and dosages?
  2. Are you comfortable discussing your medical history with your healthcare provider?
  3. Have you thought about how you might pay for potential care services or medical expenses in the future? 
  4. Is there a healthcare provider you trust or prefer?

Financial Planning and Legal Advice

Preparing for the future involves addressing financial decisions and legal matters. These questions will help navigate these important aspects:

  1. Do you have a will, powers of attorney, or advanced healthcare directives in place?
  2. Are your financial records organized, and do you have a comprehensive list of accounts and assets?
  3. Do you feel confident that your financial resources will be sufficient for your needs in the future?
  4. Are there any concerns or questions regarding life insurance policies or retirement plans?

Social Connections and Emotional Well-being

Maintaining social connections and emotional well-being are vital for aging parents. These questions will help foster a supportive and fulfilling environment:

  1. What social activities or hobbies do you enjoy, and are there any barriers preventing you from participating in them?
  2. Have you considered joining local community groups or senior centers?
  3. Do you have any concerns about feeling isolated or lonely?
  4. How can we support your emotional well-being and ensure you have a strong support network?

Concluding Thoughts: Navigating the Conversation Minefield - Questions to Ask Aging Parents Checklist

It’s no secret that discussions with aging parents can be challenging, but they're necessary to ensure that your parents are well-prepared for their later years. Using the questions outlined in this checklist and following the tips provided, you can have meaningful conversations with your aging parents that help them plan for their future and give you peace of mind knowing they are taken care of.

To further support a smooth transition for your parents’ future, Truehold is here to help. Our aging-in-place resources and sale-leaseback option can help your parents age comfortably. Through our sale-leaseback agreement, your parents can stay in their home while unlocking their equity. We’ll buy their home at a competitive price and take over the responsibilities of owning a home, so they don’t have to. This is a helpful option to allow your parents to access their equity and use their hard-earned wealth on necessary home care options, medical bills, or retirement expenses. 

As Truehold residents, your parents will also have access to our Care and Services team, which provides them with access to occupational therapists on call. Reach out to one of our advisors to learn more. 


  1. PennState. Communication is key when dealing with aging parents. 
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OTD, OTR/L, CMC, Director of Care at Truehold
Dr. Carson is the Care Director at Truehold. She brings together recent trends in aging research and direct feedback from the customers we serve to build products and services that help people live easier at home. She also leads the Truehold Care & Service team, which aims to advocate for residents and ensure that their experience living at home is safe and enjoyable. Her care management team provides residents with access to resources and information at any time.
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