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Chris, Holistic Financial Planner

October 25, 2021

Healthy, happy, independent home living is best protected with thoughtful planning and expert support.

To that end, Truehold is hosting an interview series to better connect you with local St. Louis professionals and resources on aging and living in place.

We interviewed Chris Cooper, CPA and President of Serenity Wealth Management, to understand the role financial planning plays in supporting your ability to live independently at home over time.

Tell us about yourself and what inspired you to serve local seniors.

I am an active husband and father of 2 boys who found joy in cycling later in life. My finance background, leadership, and strategy working in corporate finance lacked the individual relationships with others I desired. To fill this void I began mentoring others in living an active lifestyle. My passion to help individuals grew so strong I realized it was time to apply this same desire to my career, combining my desire to coach and mentor others with my finance knowledge and expertise.

I believe in enjoyment of lifestyle. Our financial goals should be working towards our purpose, our why we live our lives.

Can you briefly explain what your business is and how it helps people live in place better?

I provide holistic financial planning services with a focus on life's goals and objectives. Once we know what you want in life, strategies can be defined to align to these objectives. Only then can we discuss specific investment vehicles that make sense. This process provides the piece of mind, the Financial Serenity, we all deserve. Through peace of mind, feeling comfortable with  goals and objectives, and being balanced in our investments we can live our life.

What are you most proud of when it comes to your business? 

It takes courage to act on your passions and create something you are proud of. I am proud of the brand I have created. I'm proud of how my brand has made me a better person. It is my honor to be my client's Guide down the path to the financial Serenity they deserve.

What are your top tips for how people can maintain a healthy, happy life at home as they get older?

Maintain your joy for life! Hobbies and activities we enjoy keep us fresh, provide purpose, help us engage with others, and provide fulfillment.

What are your tips for families on how to support older loved ones that live independently at home?

Cherish the time. Our time in this world is finite, share the memories and help create and sustain habits which continue to create joy.

Where can readers find you if they have questions? 

I help my clients by focusing on the major risks in retirement. I am a CPA, Fiduciary, Investment Advisor, and Insurance Agent. If you are evaluating financial goals and objectives, you should get in touch via our website, email at or phone at (636) 544-8199. We are also on social media at Facebook and LinkedIn.

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