Truehold Launches in Dallas: Expanding Horizons to Empower Homeowners

Dallas homeowners can now access their home equity for financial stability without relocating, thanks to Truehold's residential sale-leaseback.

February 21, 2024
Truehold Launches in Dallas: Expanding Horizons to Empower Homeowners

Today, Truehold, a leading provider of residential sale-leasebacks, announced that it is expanding its footprint into Dallas, Texas. This marks a significant milestone, representing Truehold’s largest market entry to date and first venture outside the Midwest.

Revolutionizing Homeownership

Since launching in St. Louis in 2021, Truehold has introduced its novel sale-leaseback program to over a dozen Midwestern cities. The approach is simple yet impactful: homeowners sell their home to Truehold, unlock their equity in debt-free cash, and keep living in their homes as renters. Truehold then covers all property taxes, HOA fees, insurance, necessary maintenance, and large repairs.

Its sale-leaseback program offers the dual benefits of liquidity and stability, allowing individuals to access their home's value without uprooting their lives. It caters to a diverse range of homeowners, including retirees hoping to secure their financial futures, families hoping to build their next home, couples dividing assets, and individuals in need of funds to pay off bills or fund new ventures.

The transformative impact of Truehold's sale-leaseback program is further illuminated by a consideration of the broader implications for the housing market. This innovative solution addresses critical challenges facing homeowners today, such as the rising cost of living and the increasing difficulty of managing homeownership expenses. By enabling homeowners to tap into their equity without having to move, Truehold is not only offering a financial service but also, and importantly, promoting a sustainable model of homeownership that reflects the needs of modern families and individuals.

Why Dallas?

The decision to enter Dallas represents a strategic move designed to address the increasing demand for flexible homeownership solutions in a city known for its dynamic economy and housing market. With the arrival of Truehold, Dallas homeowners can now enjoy a seamless and stress-free living experience, with more flexibility and cash in hand.

The city's robust job market, coupled with its diverse population, means there is a wide array of homeowners who can benefit from Truehold's services. From young professionals seeking financial flexibility to seniors looking for a stable retirement, the potential for positive impact is significant.

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