Truehold's Lead Share Program: Enhancing Our Commitment to Partnerships

Truehold's Lead Share Program helps realtors reach new clients and expand their revenue. Read to learn how your business can qualify.

August 16, 2023
Truehold's Lead Share Program: Enhancing Our Commitment to Partnerships

Introducing Truehold's Lead Share Program, a fresh approach to collaboration in the real estate industry. Truehold's Lead Share Program is more than just a strategic initiative—it's a commitment to collaboration and mutual growth with our certified realtor partners. We're stepping away from traditional industry practices to forge a new path, one that balances mutually beneficial relationships and sets a new standard for partnership and success. With Truehold leading the way, we invite you to be part of the sale-leaseback journey. Are you ready to redefine collaboration with us?

What is the Lead Share Program?

Collaboration is at the heart of Truehold's new approach, which is all about sharing leads. When you send us qualified sale-leaseback leads, we’ll reciprocate by sending you warm leads of homeowners that weren't the right fit for our sale-leaseback, but still want to sell their homes. It's a mutually beneficial relationship that ensures both parties succeed.

Getting Started

Joining the Lead Share Program is straightforward. If you're a licensed realtor, real estate investor or mortgage lender in our markets, you can become a certified partner by simply filling out the form on the bottom of our partners page. Once completed, you'll have immediate access to our Partner Portal, where you can begin uploading sale-leaseback deals.

After you upload your first set of potential sale-leaseback deals and ensure eligibility, we’ll reach out with our first set of new leads.

Ready to become a Truehold Certified Partner today?

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A Win-Win Partnership

Being part of the Lead Share Program means entering a balanced partnership with Truehold. We recognize the value of your work and are committed to supporting you and your business. Unlike other iBuyers who might bypass realtors, we're doubling down on our support. We believe in building effective, lasting partnerships that respect and reward your crucial role in the real estate industry.

"At Truehold, we believe in the power of collaboration and the vital role realtors play in the real estate industry. Our Lead Share Program is more than just a business initiative. It's our commitment to a balanced partnership, shared success, and community building. I'm excited to officially launch this program and create opportunities for growth and mutual success with our realtor partners,” said Brian Hardecker, CEO of Truehold.

Most Asked Questions, Answered

We understand you may have questions about this exciting program, so we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions. From becoming a certified partner to understanding the types of leads you'll receive, we've got you covered.

  • How can I become a certified partner with Truehold? Any licensed realtor, real estate investor, or lender in our markets can become a certified partner by filling out the form on our partners page.
  • What happens after I sign up? After you sign up, you'll have immediate access to our portal to start uploading potential sale-leaseback deals. We will also evaluate your eligibility for our lead share program. If you qualify, Truehold will reach out with the next steps.
  • What types of leads will I receive from Truehold? You will receive leads from us that weren't a correct fit for our sale-leaseback. These could be leads where the home wasn't in our buy box, the client wasn't in one of the counties/states we transact in, or the client changed their mind about our sale-leaseback product.
  • How does the Lead Share Program benefit me as a realtor? The Lead Share Program allows you to expand your potential revenue by reaching clients you typically may not have been able to reach. We also pass on traditional home-sale leads to you that didn't fit our sale-leaseback criteria, creating a mutually beneficial partnership.

Start Growing Your Business Today

The Lead Share Program reflects Truehold’s promise to invest in our partners’ success and build meaningful and lasting partnerships. We're not only offering leads --we’re building a community where both parties thrive. By joining, you’re not just becoming a transactional partner; you’re becoming a valued member of the Truehold family. This is collaboration redefined.

Head to our partners page to sign up and start growing your real estate practice.

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Written by
Joe Pucillo
Head of Brokerage at Truehold
Joe Pucillo is Truehold’s Head of Brokerage, where he’s focused on building out the partnership engine and overseeing our brokerage operations. Joe is a growth-focused executive who’s been in the real estate industry for more than 25 years. During that time, he helped build new companies and launch new products within existing companies.
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