Top 5 Types of Sale-Leaseback Clients for Realtors

Residential sale-leasebacks can help your clients unlock equity and live in their homes stress free. Learn more about the ideal candidates for a sale-leaseback.

April 12, 2023
Top 5 Types of Sale-Leaseback Clients for Realtors

Did you know working with Truehold can help realtors earn tens of thousands of additional dollars in commission annually? Our top partners can even make north of six figures each year from Truehold commission alone. 

What sets our most successful agents apart? 

  1. Their firm understanding of the types of homeowners who can most benefit from a sale-leaseback
  2. The ability to quickly recognize ideal candidates in their current client pool and beyond  

To make it as easy as possible to identify ideal prospects, we’ve outlined the most popular residential sale-leaseback use-cases for realtors across the US below. 

1. People in the process of moving 

More than 25 million Americans move every year.1 Regardless of the cause, a sale-leaseback is the perfect option for movers, as it allows them to cash out of their home equity fully and provides them with the financial freedom to move forward.

When it comes to moving, homeowners are often overwhelmed by the uncertainty. Whether it’s ever-changing renovation timelines, inspection results, or tenants who need to vacate, perfect timing is nearly impossible. A residential sale-leaseback, allows your clients to stay in their homes as renters for as long as they want. No stress or pressure– all flexibility.

2. Those who plan to move eventually and want to lock in their home value now

There are many homeowners who know that, in either months or years, they are inevitably going to move. But, they have yet to make any decision about the future. 

Selling their home now without having to move would be a huge relief, providing them with the peace of mind they need to explore new options minus any pressure. In addition, it would allow them to cash out at market value without worrying about what the future might hold. Our sale-leaseback is the perfect option for homeowners looking to take their time and decide their next move on their own terms.

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3. Older adults who don’t want to leave the homes they love

More than 90% of Americans want to age in place, or continue living in their homes as they age. But oftentimes, homeownership and its accompanying hassles become untenable. Not to mention, many seniors need additional care that they cannot afford unless they sell their homes. 

Fortunately, Truehold’s sale-leaseback makes aging in place feasible for older homeowners.  Seniors who cash out their home equity have the financial security they need to stay in their homes for longer. If needed, they can use this money to access care in the future, as opposed to seeking it elsewhere. In addition, we’re unique because of our commitment to our tenants’ health and longevity. Not only do we offload the burdens of home maintenance and handle all large repairs to minimize safety risks, but we also work to personalize our residents’ care needs and connect them to supportive services when necessary. 

4. People who need to turn their home into cash

A home is generally someone’s biggest asset and greatest source of wealth. Because of this, tapping home equity is often the most logical way to access capital. Some of the most common financial reasons people do a sale-leaseback are to:

  • Pay off ballooning debt and bills
  • Sustain their lifestyle following a job loss or work reduction
  • Cover unexpected medical bills
  • Boost their credit score
  • Start a new business or investment project
  • Enjoy their retirement to the fullest
  • Purchase a new home
  • Build a new home 
  • Upgrade to a nicer home
  • Fund their children’s education
  • Help a family member who is in need of money 

Often, these homeowners also consider refinancing. But refinancing is not always a good option, particularly if current rates are above the rate a homeowner initially locked in. Plus, there are better ways to get equity out of a home without refinancing. In all of these instances, a sale-leaseback is the perfect solution. It provides people with immediate access to the full value of their home, in cash, debt-free, granting them the financial security and flexibility they need.

5. Couples in the midst of filing for divorce

A house can sometimes be one of the most contentious assets between a couple filing for divorce. Occasionally, the couple civilly chooses which partner should keep living in the home, and the one who stays financially compensates the other accordingly. But other times, selling the house during a divorce is the most logical conclusion. Doing so can be highly stressful, especially when there’s the need to coordinate listings and showings and no predictable timeline, leaving the couple unsure of when they might have to move out. 

Our sale-leaseback is a perfect solution for divorced couples selling their home because it gives both parties the flexibility they need to move on their own timeline, thus reducing some of the stress during an already difficult time. In addition, the couple doesn't need to worry about the “what ifs” of not finding a suitable buyer or getting a fair value for the home. 

Start helping your clients unlock their equity

There are many types of homeowners who can benefit from Truehold’s sale-leaseback. So, as you think through how to generate leads in real estate, keep these personas in mind tomake identifying good prospects even easier. 

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1. Bankrate. Population and moving statustics.

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