Why Truehold Triumphs Over Traditional HELOC Products

Looking to cash out your home equity but not sure the best tool to leverage? Read on to learn why Truehold's sale-leaseback is your best option.

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July 25, 2023
Why Truehold Triumphs Over Traditional HELOC Products

As a homeowner, navigating the various options to leverage your home's equity can be daunting. From refinancing to home equity loans, the traditional routes may not always meet your needs.

But what if there was a better, more advantageous path? Enter Truehold's innovative sale-leaseback program, a game-changer in the industry that offers homeowners a wealth of benefits not found in traditional methods. In this article, we'll explore why Truehold is not just another alternative but often a superior choice for maximizing your home equity.

Maximize Your Money

Truehold's sale-leaseback program allows homeowners to receive 100% of the sale proceeds from their home, a significant increase compared to the ~80% typically pocketed with a refinance or home equity loan. This means you can retain more money to allocate towards your financial goals, whether it's spending, saving, or investing.

Lower Fees, Lower Stress

Truehold's sale-leaseback program comes with a simple, upfront transaction fee of 5.5%. In contrast, traditional methods like refinancing or home equity loans come with a laundry list of fees - sale and financing proceeds, upfront mortgage insurance, homeowners insurance escrow, lenders title insurance, title search fee, underwriting fee, appraisal fee, application fee, and more. With Truehold, you can avoid these additional costs and keep your financial stress to a minimum.

Affordable Monthly Payments

Under Truehold's sale-leaseback arrangement, the only ongoing monthly payment is rent. Traditional methods, on the other hand, come with numerous monthly payments - mortgage interest, mortgage amortization, mortgage payment, ongoing mortgage insurance, real estate taxes, property insurance, property maintenance, and more. While the monthly rent might initially be higher than your current mortgage, the overall savings over the lifetime of the lease are significant.

Flexibility and Freedom

Truehold offers homeowners the flexibility to live in their homes as renters for as long as they want. If you decide to move, you can do so without the stress and expense of listing, showing, and selling your home. This stands in stark contrast to traditional methods, where moving involves navigating an often unpredictable seller's market.

Easy Living with Truehold

Truehold takes care of all property tax, HOA fees, insurance, and necessary repairs, making life at home easier and more enjoyable. In contrast, traditional methods often place the responsibility of these costs on the homeowner. With Truehold, you can enjoy your home without the stress of unexpected expenses.

In conclusion, Truehold's sale-leaseback program offers a unique and beneficial alternative to traditional home equity products. With more money in your pocket, lower fees, affordable monthly payments, and the freedom to live in your home on your terms,Truehold provides a compelling solution for homeowners looking to unlock their home equity. Understanding these advantages can empower you to make a well-informed decision about the best path for your financial future.

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