Persevere through life’s ups and downs with Truehold

Maintain your lifestyle and find financial flexibility after major life events.

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For some things in life, there’s simply no way to prepare. Truehold is here to help.

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Stay stable at home

Avoid the upset and strain of a move by leasing your home post-sale with Truehold.

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Find freedom in flexibility

Liquidating your home equity allows you to take care of all kinds of costs, from healthcare bills to legal fees and beyond.

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Make an easier transition

Give yourself time to figure everything out without disrupting your lifestyle.


Rely on trusted allies

Our expert advisors will be happy to keep your chosen contacts in the loop as things progress.

“We "bought some time" in order to make a life transition. Can breathe now!”
Dan F
St. Louis
“As a 62 year old single female, life changes put me in complicated situations. Having an opportunity to regain some stability again was challenging. Yet Truehold gave life a little more hope for me.”
Renita B
Kansas City
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Why you should trust Truehold

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Frequently asked questions

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Will I be able to stay in my home?
Yes. Our sale-leaseback model is designed to keep our clients comfortable in their homes while providing them with flexible equity to meet their needs. All you have to do is sign and abide by the conditions of your lease.
How does Truehold make money?
Truehold makes money the same way other, more traditional real estate investors do, through standard commissions, rents, and sales.
How do I know if Truehold is right for me?
Every financial situation is unique. Get in touch with our team to take a look at your finances and determine if a sale-leaseback makes sense for you and your family.
Are sale-leasebacks common?
Sale-leasebacks are very common in the commercial real estate world. Truehold is leading the charge to bring sale-leasebacks to the residential market, and open new financial options to individuals and families.

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